We know. You’re so excited and you don’t even know why!

That’s what inspiration feels like sometimes, excitement for something you don’t have words to express. It’s like trying to describe your vision for an incredible work of art and all people see is a blank canvas and your goofy self holding a brush with no paint.

We have accepted it as part of the deal and understand people won’t always see the same opportunities that we do. Sometimes we have to show them first.

Our programs will be broken into three divisions to address the most pressing problems we see in our local community.

Inspire. Change. Serve.

We believe that if people are given an opportunity and are inspired to take action they will find joy and meaning in that worthy pursuit. They will go on to solve big problems and become leaders in their family, business, and community. If we take the time to develop our unique gifts we can serve the world with them, filling essential needs in our community.

How can I help?

I’m so glad you asked. All we need is your time, talent and money.

Donations big and small will help us get this off the ground. You can make one here.

Many hands make light work, and we have lots to do. Volunteer your time, mentor or share a special skill you might have. Fill out our volunteer interest form here.

Share and support our upcoming events. Think about who you know that could benefit and share with them. Tickets are on sale now for our signature event, Mom Prom. Find out more here.

We are passionate, we are driven, we are inspired to make a difference and are grateful for your support while we do it.