Mom Prom FAQ

Mom prom is an annual Girl’s Night Out for charity that is held at the Par-A-Dice Hotel & Casino the Saturday before Mother’s Day. We chose this event and date specifically because our friends told us they were looking for something fun to do with all the women the love. It’s become a decade long tradition for many mothers, sisters, cousins and friends to enjoy.

If this is your first year, this is what you need to know. 

It’s Prom, so do I bring I have to bring my significant other? No. If you have a man who is dying to come with you to prom we will take his help as a volunteer. Our gentlemen volunteers make sure that the ladies have a great time. They enjoy helping by selling raffle tickets and manning the silent auction, seating and games. He can sign up here to volunteer but tickets are reserved for you and your friends.

I’m not a mom, can I still come? YES! Of course you can. This event is about celebrating the women we love in our lives so bring them with you! It is not just for moms, although it is often requested as Mother’s Day gift! Hint, hint.

Do you have to be 21 to attend? Only if you’re drinking or gambling. The event would be perfectly acceptable to bring a teen/young adult daughter up until the lights go down after dinner. Then, fair warning, you’ll see some women cutting loose on their only night out all year.

What will we be doing? The event goes like this: 6:30 doors and bars open. This is your happy hour to take photos in the photo booth, get drinks, buy raffle tickets, check out the silent auction and wait for that one friend who is always late. Dinner starts at 7:30 and there is a inspiring program to enjoy while you eat. Prizes are awarded after dinner and about 9:00 pm the lights go down for dancing your heart out. You will head out for your private after parties or the casino (or your room if you’ve had enough fun) at 11:00.

Is there a theme? Would it even be a party if there wasn’t a theme? My favorite part of mom prom is trying to one-up last year’s costumes. We have had Awesome 80s and Disney theme proms and the Roaring 20s for the 2020 Prom was a huge hit. We have some very creative friends and, of course, there are awards for best dressed. It is also fine to come as you are or in an elaborate ballgown, whatever makes you happy.

So what are we raising money for? Mom Prom started as a fun way for women to raise money for causes they care about. It’s a national movement that has raised millions for small and large charities. We were inspired by the idea and decided to start one in the Peoria area in 2012. We have raised money for various local charities over the years and in 2021 the Central IL Mom Prom became the signature event for the Inspired Foundation, a public charity in Pekin that provides education and mentorship for the local community.

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